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glanced at Eileen. She too was preparing herself, she had uncoiled her whip. But I had no need of such a weapon, or any other. We moved quickly round to the door of the mosque, just as the assembly began lustily singing that celebrated Bohemian comic song, to which the poor tree-bound goat bleated a imobiliare bucuresti thin pathetic countermelody, while the skeletons in the stream grinned in wider gruesome anticipation of the downfall to come, and a striped hyena, probably driven from the desert by the sandstorm, laughed outright from the hollow bridge. The moment I had long waited for was now. The portents were suddenly so plain and indisputable that to hesitate further would have been criminal. With a precipitousness that would have soon made a lesser man regret his action I charged into imobiliare bucuresti the mosque, and Eileen followed in my wake. Many in the village must have often thought that a Cyclops and his mate were again walking the earth when Eileen and I passed across the plaza and down Santa Cruz Street. But this evening in the oasis it must have seemed to the surprised nazis that two veritable titans were risen from Tartarus and descended upon them. At the door I simultaneously stunned the two guards, sending the first rushlights spinning like roman candles then, inexplicably, my fury temporarily subsided, and I stepped aside, partly perhaps imobiliare because of the gentleman in imobiliare me saying ladies first, and perhaps because I wanted to see whether she was prepared to take the initiative, whether she cared enough to dare it. Anyway I did want to see Eileen in fully sway, so I let her pass to have first go, then stood by the inwrought doorpost, a Samson ready, when called imobiliare bucuresti upon, to bring the temple down about their ears. Eileen did not hesitate. She first kicked over the coffin and trestle and tore the flags from the walls, then laid about her with such a vengeance that she flayed her own hide skirt with the rabid lash till the tatters coiled round her waist and thighs like hissing snakes while her breasts swung so far out and roundabout that I almost believed Don Pedro's claim that they had 'come loose'. Never, never till that day had I seen a whip wielded so mightily and ruthlessly applied with such dire effect. The rhinoceros-hide lash continued to swish through the air with a noise to shame the whirlwind in the desert. The sharp thunder cracks as it smote shoulders, chests, imobiliare bucuresti legs, backs, bottoms, mostly bottoms, made me imobiliare bucuresti tremble, though not with fear. My knees went weak and the room swam around me. The place was truly in a turmoil. Nazis scrambled frantically and writhed in pain among the excrement stained mats and carpets, making the stink to rise, hugging their bleeding shoulders, clutching their shredded pants, and groaning with a noise that could only be compared to the groans I had heard from the hard-pressed camels in an early morning caravanserai, and the shrieks of those that succeeded yahoo in clambering over their fellows and out through the door must have made the hideous-mouthed hyena turn tail and flee before them into the desert. It was obvious to me by now that Eileen also was acting out a fantasy, gratifying a wish, I guessed, of scourging the hypocrites who had defamed her. Perhaps she imagined priests among those scourged, or even a whole synod of bishops. Perhaps she supposed herself to be taking the very Lambeth conference by storm. At least she enjoyed herself, for she told me afterwards that the episode reminded her of